Saturday, August 3, 2013

Some good rules for living from a poster at

Here is a good post from the poster "Steerpike" commenting on an article at entitled "Living in America will drive you insane -- literally."


Do NOT get into debt to go to college: you will ruin your twenties and thirties and you will hate the job you get. Everybody STOP going to college on these terms NOW.

Turn off the screens. ALL OF THEM. Particularly the ones in front of any child under the age of five. 

Get rid of your smart phone and get a regular old mobile. Get rid of your iPad: it is a useless DISTRACTION and every minute spent on it is a wasted minute.

Stop eating processed food and meat. US meat gives you CANCER. No more sugar, HFCS or salt.

Get OUT of the US for a few years and see how other people live. Learn from your mistakes. 

Do NOT get a mortgage until you are SURE you want one. Stay mobile at least until you are thirty.

Do not watch, read or listen to the news or talk radio.

Move out of the suburbs. Live in the country or a city but stay away from those graveyards of the human spirit.

Be creative: learn to paint, play an instrument, write (ON PAPER WITH A PEN) or draw.

READ REAL PAPER BOOKS: old ones, not ones mass-produced by Barnes and Noble. Dump the chick lit read the classics: ALL OF THEM until you run out.

Reject modern life. Live AS IF IT WAS 50 years ago. Ignore all modern pop-culture. Drop out."